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Deicide Origin - Genesis

We are happy to present the Genesis EP by Deicide Origin, the joint forces of alg0rh1tm and Graphplan. Graphplan has already taken a clear stand with his mixtapes in the past, and joining forces with fellow Serbian audio terrorist alg0rh1tm, the result is a dark and catastrophe inducing sonic assault, sounding like something inbetween FSOL and Lustmord but still evoking a unique dystopic imagery and feel that fits their name and concept fully. Although the Genesis EP references the history of bass-music and IDM, its four tracks stands out as a terrifying vision that warps the familiar into post-apocalyptic extremes. Enjoy!

Download in wav format here!

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Zeronine (from France) finally returns with another vinyl mix for 300AD. This time around he has compiled a delightful blend of old school industrial and dark ambient, as opposed to the 40 minutes of hard, dancefloor-oriented rhythmic noise he blessed us with almost two years ago. Enjoy!

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Brand new Sharku dj-set at Inkonst (Ceo/TheEmbassy) Malmö, Sweden.

Sharku DJ-set @Inkonst (Ceo/TheEmbassy) by Ssvik on Mixcloud


#XXVI Walter Hauk - Algol Touch

The mixtape titled Algol Touch is the first from Walter Hauk for 300AD. Combining a wide range of music, but exhibiting a clear electronic focus, the mixtape's selection showcases WH's leanings towards sci-flesh, body-fiction and other tastes, as well as three original WH tracks, never published before.

Walter Hauk is an Alter-Ego of Sjur Sævik, who otherwise produces as Sharku.

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#XXV Agen - Repulsion

A new Mixtape from Agen is Uploaded!

This it is not the first time we host a metal mixtape, but it is definitively the first attempt at making a concise piece of audio within the mixtape format, based on the aesthetics of black metal. Combined with interesting soundbytes from old Polanski flicks, this is the first in a series of three mixtapes.

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NXHS X A. Berg

NXHS made the soundtrack for the launching of A.BERG in
Berlin earlier this month. A.Berg is a clothing label founded in Sweden in 2012 by Sara Lundberg. For more information see

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300AD pres: Release of Charly Orange - «Dear Janelle»@MIR
On December 8. @MIR Oslo the collective/label 300AD celebrates the release of Malmö-based artist Charly Oranges first cassette.
Sandra Mujinga aka Charly Orange will perform an exclusive concert for this event, with supporting acts from the 300AD collective.



Charly Orange
Sandra Mujinga is releasing her first cassette as her alias Charly Orange on 300AD, titled Dear Janelle. Charly Orange has operated mostly as a DJ curating rare and energetic live mixes with within a framework of ravey African Futurism. This cassette release is a set of original compositions, quite far from what C. Orange plays as a DJ, boasting a much more minimal and cold vision of futurism. Conceptually the cassette takes its cue from one strange track by Janelle Monae, «Neon Gumbo» from her album The ArchAndroid, that was at the time of its release lauded as a prime example of a wave of resurgent AfroFuturism in pop music. Charly Orange uses the track throughout the cassette as a mantra for meditating on a future not wholly determined by the american futurist mythology, divorced to a High degree from the African continent, to a future determined just as much by the state of a world just as divided
as ever but where the divisions are moving like light.speed.snakes ignoring geography and history. We can hear dissected stripped down afrobeats and nods to german techno, as well as grime and a industrial sound palette.

SHARKU (Malmö)
Adrian Moen Guthe and Sjur Sævik are two of the founding members of 300AD and this is the first time they join forces on stage. They have been collaborating on various projects for almost 8 years now, and already have one release out, and are currently working on the next one. They will serve you chaotic electronic music, and will spice each others tunes up back to back, as well as playing their collaborative efforts, that ranges from heavy beats through footwork-inspired techno to electro leaning towards industrial.

DJ Indiana Ross
Stian Westerlund Eriksen aka Indiana Ross, ran the connoisseur club concept
Dubious together with Tony F. Wilson, and were one of the first to promote
and book 300AD artists. He plays music from the most obscure corners of
electronic bass-oriented music.


XXIV - Nagel:Kyrch - Throat is Where the Heart is

In mixtape nr 24 we proudly present the first mixtape contribution from Nagel:Kyrch (Dystopia Nå!, Genus Omega).
The mix is a real pounder, clocking in at right over 30 minutes, consisting of N:K's personal renditions of known and lesser known tracks reflecting both his taste and his musical output. Surely not for the faint of heart!

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NaEE RoBErts will present an exclusive Live-Show at Sound of Mu in Oslo. SHARKU will DJ before and after show. 20:00 - 01:00

Facebook event here

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Press Release from VINDUET:

Tonight we will attend the materialization of a entity in the middle of its genesis, or rather unearthing, or something in-between. NaEE RoBErts, one of Malmö-based artist Sandra Mujingas many mutations, presents an if not unique (it may be unique, my knowledge is limited) then extraordinary will to deplete, mangle, and confuse time being the dedicated dimension of both waves and frames.
Only referring to the material level, however cuts us short of the scope of the project: something of a documentary of our days: «What is the difference between me and you?» Not a thing, at least. or maybe every- almost-thing, lets remember Elias «ACTIVATE». Something Large, or just dusting the grinding mirrors, giving friction to your silver surface cavities, making it possible to heer.
Let’s be clear, No Pedagogy allowed here. An exaggeration maybe.

Then again:
Documentary experience,
brutal militant materials,
too much contrast,
weakling voice,
best of both world music in the elevator loop,
pessimist in society given space,
all the levels,

Time out of joint, arbitrarily cut, looped reversed, seeded, speeded

«[…]memory holes are gates and access points; they conduct remembering and other modes of access toward a memory which belongs to the outside»